Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High winds, few birds

Today was the last day with unfavorable weather conditions for a hawk flight, and only 65 raptors were added to the count, including this ratty looking immature Bald Eagle. Others were seen hunting, like a juvenile Golden Eagle (same individual from yesterday), a couple of Rough-legged Hawks, four Bald Eagles, a Merlin and some scouring Turkey Vultures.

Best bird today was a second cycle Iceland Gull.

This weekend is Member's Weekend, or Spring Fling, and there will likely be a multitude of birders on the Point, and hopefully some good birds too. Weather-wise though, the two days before the weekend look very good for migration, the weekend itself unfortunately less so. If the forecasts are anything to go by, that is.

Thursday and especially Friday should see a major influx not only of raptors but all kinds of birds, including probably the first wave of Yellow-rumped Warblers, and possibly a few Pine or Palm Warblers. Maybe the first Chipping Sparrows, and a Vesper or Savannah Sparrow.

I still haven't seen any Broad-winged Hawks yet, but I would be very surprised indeed if that bird wasn't seen tomorrow. It's certainly due, and now with this system there really aren't any excuses anymore for not getting it. Swainson's Hawk seems a distinct possibility.

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