Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/27 & 3/28

Jason Bojczyk covered for me yesterday (3/27) and the totals were:

11-Bald Eagle
2- Northern Harrier
2- Northern Goshawk
7- Red Tailed-Hawk
1- American Kestrel
2- Merlin

Today (3/28) the count was delayed by an hour due to rain/snow and poor visibility.

2- Bald Eagle
1- Northern Harrier
1- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
1- Red-Tailed Hawk

The weather mystics predict warming weather throughout the week and winds out of the southwest. Hopefully we will be seeing our first 100+ bird day(s) in the upcoming few days.


  1. Thinking about you up on the hawk platform today. Thanks for taking the time to teach some greenhorns all about raptors! Hope you get a big count today!
    Jason, keep up the good work...
    James, Oh my gosh hawk!