Monday, May 17, 2010


Bald Eagle

Broad-winged Hawk
2- Turkey Vulture
15- Bald Eagle
2- Northern Harrier
126- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
90- Broad-Winged Hawk
5- Red-Tailed Hawk
2- Golden Eagle
2- American Kestrel
2- Merlin
1- Swainsons Hawk

TOTAL: 247


  1. James-when you post pics of hawks, would you help the new birders by identifying them for us? Jason's hawk I.D. class was wonderful and very informative, but we still need a little help.
    Kathi in Brimley

  2. Hey Kathi,
    You're going to get me in trouble. Jason is off so I was doing the sightings blog and had some recent hawk and eagle shots. I put them up on James's post while owl banding last night, so he doesn't even know they are there. Thanks for your regular comments to the blogs, and we're glad to hear that you attended and enjoyed one of Jason's programs.