Thursday, March 26, 2009

First modest hawk flight of the season

Light SSW winds today brought raptors to Whitefish Point, in decent numbers and variety. Bald Eagles ('sub-adult I' pictured above) dominated the flight, with a total of 25 counted, while Red-shouldered Hawk came in second with 5 - all adults - and Golden Eagle was third with three.

Other diurnal raptors counted as migrants today were one Northern Harrier, one Sharp-shinned Hawk, two adult Northern Goshawks (a male and female, seemingly traveling together), two Red-tailed Hawks and a Merlin. These birds, plus a distant, unidentified raptor, brought today's tally to 41.

In the first hour of the count, a single hoot from a Long-eared Owl was heard not far from the platform. This represents the earliest record (by just one day) for Whitefish Point. Also seen today was a Brown-headed Cowbird in a Red-winged Blackbird flock, and around the feeders today three Song Sparrows.

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