Thursday, March 19, 2009

No raptors

That is, no raptors seen on migration today. Passerines, like this Red-breasted Nuthatch, were able to forage on the outer branches without having to worry about getting snatched away by a Sharp-shinned Hawk or a Merlin.

With fairly strong NNW winds blowing and a maximum temperature of 12°F (!), conditions were unfavorable for hawk migration today. Only a few resident Bald Eagles were seen.

But that's likely to change already tomorrow, when south winds and warmer weather is forecasted. Saturday looks good too, with SW winds in the forecast. I believe that's the ideal wind direction for Whitefish, so I expect to see some eagles of both species on migration, plus other raptors such as sharpshins, goshawks, redtails and redshoulders.

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