Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoary Redpoll

Light SSE winds triggered some hawk migration over Whitefish Point today, but it wasn't spectacular. It's probably still too early in the season for any large numbers. That said, three Northern Goshawks today is nothing to sneeze at; also seen today were 2 Bald Eagles (besides resident birds) and a 'brown' (i.e. adult female or immature) Merlin. Weather-wise, Saturday looks better.

Also seen and photographed from the hawk platform today this Hoary Redpoll. Classic Hoary, with all the field marks visible: small stubby bill; faint streaking on sides; unstreaked undertail coverts; pale frosty overall coloration; round, bull-necked appearance. This bird was in with approximately 50 other redpolls, most of them Common Redpoll. Some Commons in this flock are quite pale, and care is needed for separating the two species.

This Common Redpoll landed on the hawk platform.

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