Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bird-a-thon 2009

Dear all of you avid blog followers,

If you have enjoyed the various blog posts this season, now is your chance let us know by pledging to our staff Bird-a-thon. This is a great way to ensure that there will continue to be blog posts in the future to amuse and amaze you.

This is the 3rd year for the WPBO spring Bird-a-thon fundraiser. Last year the Bird-a-thon pledges were the single biggest contributor to the summer owl research project. The total amount of funding required for this program is $8,000. In the last month, we have raised $7,060 towards our goal, mostly through Bird-a-thon pledges. We are so close, please consider becoming a sponsor!

At the end of May, WPBO staff known as the “Northern Saw-whats” team will record the number of bird species seen in the Whitefish Point Peninsula area during a 24 hour time period. We hope to see about 100 species. You can choose to pledge per species or donate a fixed amount. All pledges collected will directly support the summer owl research at WPBO. Sponsors will receive a written account of our day, a species list and information on our summer research. Anyone who donates over $150 will receive a juvenile saw-whet adoption package, including a photo of your owl, banding information, and adoption certificate.

Be the first to pledge from this blog post! Send your name, address and phone # along with the amount you would like to pledge to, or send by snail mail to:
WPBO Birdathon
16914 N Whitefish Point Rd
Paradise, MI 49768

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