Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Peregrine and Golden Eagle day

Clear skies and hardly any wind set the stage for a pretty good hawk flight, with highlights being 9 Golden Eagles - 8 of which were seen soaring together - and 8 adult Peregrine Falcons. I felt bad for one of our visitors, who stayed a little later than planned hoping to see at least one Peregrine, and when she left said "you'll probably get it after I'm gone". About 20 minutes after she left, we got the first one, with 7 more to follow. All these birds were in the afternoon.

Again several kettles of broadwings were visible throughout the day, this time their count reached 493. Overall count (all raptors combined) was 704 today.

Tomorrow's (Tuesday) weather forecast looks particularly good for a hawk flight, and may produce a big broadwing flight. With stronger SE winds, birds should be right overhead and not too high.

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