Wednesday, April 14, 2010


16- Turkey Vulture
3- Bald Eagle
22- Northern Harrier
482- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
2- Northern Goshawk
32- Red-Tailed Hawk (1 partial albino!!)
13- Rough-Legged Hawk
52- American Kestrel
1- Merlin

TOTAL: 623

* Check out the info on these Golden Eagles being monitored by Minn. Audubon. They both came pretty close to the Point! The link is on our website under the "news" tab.


  1. good luck tomorrow!

  2. Saw a couple buteos this morning. I sent them your way. They will be arriving at WFP late Friday night. Need to discuss the collaboration of dihedral flight patterns of red pitted palm parrots of Veracruz. Do they eat honey? El fuego and two-hearted L on Sat night?

  3. They do eat honey and I have a feeling they will be coming through on Saturday evening. They are desperately in need of dual hearts, nearing collapse in population numbers without. I'm not sure what their relationship to fire is though, you may want to consult Joseph M. Forshaw when he is sitting around the old cast iron.