Friday, April 30, 2010



11- Turkey Vulture
3- 0sprey
2- Bald Eagle
22- Northern Harrier
1284- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
4- Coopers Hawk
1- Northern Goshawk
3- Broad-Winged Hawk
3- Red-Tailed Hawk
5- Rough-Legged Hawk
62- American Kestrel
8- Merlin
6- Peregrine Falcon
1- Unknown Small Falcon

TOTAL: 1415

what a falcon day we had.
it was quite the sight.
the amount of sharpies made me nauseous.
the portland trailblazers have been eliminated from the NBA playoffs.
if anyone has a suggestion on what team I should be following now, please let me know.


  1. Since you asked for a team to follow: I suggest the Cleveland Cavs with the great LeBron James.

  2. why not switch sports and root for the red wings?? what a GREAT day for bird watching yesterday!! been seeing many broad wings here in Brimley, too!

  3. James I told you it would get alot better thanks for putting up the pics Jim Kriss

  4. Meyer: Yeah, I thought that the Cavilers would be my best bet and then they took game one last night.

    Kriss: Thanks for the support, wish someone was around late today to capture the adult male swainsons