Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/19 & 4/20


10- Turkey Vulture
4- Bald Eagle
2- Northern Harrier
30- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
2- Coopers Hawk
1- Northern Goshawk
1- Broad-Winged Hawk
12- Red-Tailed Hawk
4- Rough-Legged Hawk



22- Turkey Vulture
11- Bald Eagle
5- Northern Harrier
68- Sharp-Shinned Hawk
1- Coopers Hawk
3- Northern Goshawk
1- Red-Shouldered Hawk
3- Broad-Winged Hawk
21- Red-Tailed Hawk
11- Rough-Legged Hawk
5- Golden Eagle
3- American Kestrel

TOTAL: 154

Joe Nault covered for me today and took the above picture of the Adult Sharp-Shinned Hawk. I won't predict, since the last two days weren't as good as I originally thought they'd be... Tomorrows gonna' be G-0-0-D.


  1. James I hope today is G-O-O-D! Nice to know you are working at WPBO. Did you ride your bike there?? Quiet in the Sandias this spring. Come visit sometime. Like for fall migration?
    Roger [Grimshaw].

  2. Whoa, awesome to hear from you Roger.
    Today the numbers were not very good, but the weather was pleasant. It's a shame about the Sandia's, I may have been down there if the site was still running. I'll look you up whenever it is I do roll back down Central and Tramway.